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Q. Where do your  Newborn Sessions take place? 

  • A. Newborn Sessions are held in my studio located in Cheyenne, WY where I have easy access to all of my props, backdrops, and equipment. 

Q. Can we have an in home Newborn Photography Session? 

  • A. Yes, I am willing to come to your home for an in home Newborn Session. I will need a 10x10 area in your home with electric outlets to set up a temporary "Studio Space." There is a $150 fee for transporting my equipment to your home for the session. (Additional travel fees will be encored for addresses outside of a 30 mile perimeter from Cheyenne, WY.) Please note: I recommend coming to my studio where it is easier to keep your baby warm and comfortable. I have designed my studio space specifically with your baby's comfort and safety in mind. 

Q. When should I book my Newborn and Pregnancy Sessions?

  • A. I recommend booking your Maternity Photography Session during your 7th month of pregnancy. By this point, your belly should be nice and round, but you should still feel pretty comfortable up on your feet and walking around. 

    As for your Newborn Photography Session, it is highly recommended that we shoot your session within 5-10 days of your baby's birth. Babies change so quickly; we want to be sure to capture all of those newborn features before they grown out of them. 

Q. Do you have Newborn Props and Maternity Gowns that I can use during my session?

  • A. Yes, I do have all of the props we will need for your Newborn Photo Shoot in my home studio. I also have Maternity Gowns for use in my studio or on location. 

Q. Do you sell digital images from our session?

  • A. Your digital images will be included with your print order of $250 or more. 
    Please note that EVERY Photo Session comes with a $75 print credit, so it will be very easy to reach that goal. Produced to the highest archival standards, our fine art papers are acid-free, pH neutral, and made from pure cellulose, insuring that your images will last for generations.  You can view Print Prices here

Q. How many digital images will we have to choose from?

  • A. Every session will come with 25-30 images to choose from. You will be able to view them in both color and black and white color formats.

Q. Is there an additional fee for siblings, and parents to be in our Newborn Photography Session? 

  • A. No. I do not charge extra for siblings, mom, or dad.

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