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The Birth of Baby Atticus

Let me first say this... I absolutely, thoroughly, and most ardently love Birth Photography! This little guys Birth Photo Session was no exception to that rule. I had the honor of being selected for the Birth Photography of Baby Atticus last month. It was amazing, and beautiful. Full of emotions ranging from fear, to elation.

When I arrived, mom was in full labor. She was in pain, yet remained calm, collected, and in control. The midwife continued to monitor Baby A and gave words of encouragement to mom as she labored with each contraction.

It wasn't long until the contractions began to intensify. Mom moved her way into the tub to allow the warm water helped melt the pain of the contractions away.

Dad was so supportive! He comforted with words of encouragement and gentle touch.

It wasn't long before Baby A made his appearance into this world. The moment was breath taking. Isn't it amazing how you can love someone so much whom you have just seen and held in your arms?

Sweet moments of bliss captured through the art of Birth Photography. Treasures that this family will have for years to come. There are so many images that we captured at Baby A's birth that I can't even give you a brief overview of them all in this post. Check out my next post to see more of Baby A's Birth Photos. Thank you Aubrey, for allowing me to capture these beautiful moments for you and your family. It is an honor I hold very dearly. Welcome to the world little guy!

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